Kreditu ne’e atu finansia aktividades iha area agrikultura no agri-business ho karakteristiku temporal.


Loan Term

Short term - less than 1 year and based on the season crop


Make your principal payment on the loan maturity


Increase working capital to fund the other agriculture related activities

Personal Criteria

Demonstrate good personal character, honest and responsible
Agriculture Business
Must run own farm(rice field, coffee plantation and others)
Must have income or an valuable asset(salary, land certificate or vehicle registration certificate)
Must have income or an valuable asset(salary, land certificate or vehicle registration certificate)

Terms and Conditions

Loan Amount
Maximum $2,000.00 for coffee product and $1,000.00 for other agriculture product
Loan Term
Maximum 9 months (based on seasonal crop)
Interest Rate
6% per annual for small investment. 12% per annual for working capital (flat rate)
12% per annual for late payment penalty (1% each month of loan amount)
Any valuable asset or sufficient income
Payment method
Monthly interest payment and principal payment on loan maturity
Other cost
Administration fee and other costs tat are applicable under BNCTL regulations

Documents Requirement

  1. Loan request or proposal (include loan amount and financial activities plan)
  2. Half-body photo (colored, size 3 x 4)
  3. Copy of electoral ID (both applicant and spouse)
  4. Loan request form (fill-up and complete the form. Prepared by BNCT staff)
  5. List of agriculture or agri-business group which acknowledge by Chief of Group.
  6. List of financial cost to perform the agriculture activities (Financial Plan).
  7. List of asset and cash flow
  8. Provide guarantee such as income salary, land owner certificate or vehicle registration certificate.
  9. Observation report regarding to the farm (field and address) - prepared by BNCTL staff

Brosura Kreditu

Atu hatene informasaun klaru liu tan kona ba Brosura Kreditu bele Klik iha ne'e