Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Brigido De Sousa

Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)



Mario Boavida

Manager of Internal Audit Division

Manuel Antonio da Luz

Head of AML/CFT Unit

Juninho D. S. da Silva

Head of Legal Unit

Setivia M. Gama

Head of Secretary Unit / Company Secretary

Jhalia F. M. F. Ximenes

Head of Customer Care Unit

Zelio B. Amaral da Costa

Manager of Operational Division

Ima Mayawati Betty

Manager of Risk & Compliance Division

Cristovão R. dos Reis

Manager of Bussiness Development & Marketing Division

Alcino Monteiro

Manager of Credit Division

Joaquim Dos Reis Martins

Manager of Treasury Division

Celestino Sombai

Manager of Accounting Division

Manuel Rangel da Cruz

Manager of Human Capital Division

Marcelo da C. Carvalho

Manager of Procurement & Logistic Division




Head of Branches

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Jeanetty H. A. Fernandes

Head of Dili Branch

Manuel Calistro Ximenes

Head of Liquiça Branch

Egidio F. Assis Tavares

Head of Maliana Branch

Alipio A. Ximenes

Head of Aileu Branch

Matias L. de F. Mouzinho

Head of Oecusse Branch

Miguel Freitas Pinto

Head of Baucau Branch

Holmes E. M. Florindo

Head of Gleno Branch

Elizito da S. Ramos

Head of Suai Branch

Fernando da Silva

Head of Manatuto Branch

Natalicio M. De Jesus

Head of Viqueque Branch

Agostinho L. Fernandes

Head of Lospalos Branch

Geraldo da Costa

Head of Ainaro Branch

Camilo Alves Soares

Head of Same Branch