The BNCTL offers a loan to empower the group of woman in rural and urban areas by funding their productive home industry business activities.

This group of woman consist of 4 - 8 members and each member is required to have a saving in BNCTL as mandatory.

  Loan Amount

Maximum credit $2,000.00.

  Loan Term

24 weeks or 6 months.

  Interest Rate

10% per annual and fixed rate.

  Payment Plan

Weekly loan payment




The loan is to fund the woman in rural areas that has business capacity and productivity.

Personal Criteria

  • Demonstrate good personal character, honesty and accountable.
  • Having business experience.
  • Have a productive business.
  • Always present in the woman group center (weekly)..
  • Agree to have joint liability

Terms and Conditions

Loan Amount
Maximum $2,000.00.
Loan Term
Maximum 24 weeks or 6 months..
Interest Rate
10% per annual (fixed rate).
Late payment interest 12% per annual (1% per month of total loan amount).
Any valuable asset or sufficient income.
Payment plan
Weekly loan payment plan.
Other cost
Administration fee and other costs tax are applicable under BNCTL regulations.

Documents Requirement

  • Loan request or proposal
    (include loan amount and financial activities plan)
  • Photo 3x4 cm size.
  • Document Identification
    Copy of electoral ID (both applicant and spouse).
  • Loan request form
    Fill-up and complete the loan request form that is prepared by BNCT staff.
  • Preliminary Report
    Preliminary report before conducting the training phase I that is prepared by BNCTL staff)
  • Customer Questinario
    Questinario or interview report of customer that is prepared by BNCTL staff
  • Examination report
    Group Loan Report of phase I or new customer that is prepared by BNCTL staff).
  • Cost Center Group establishment report
    Group Loan Report of phase I or new customer that is prepared by BNCTL staff).
    Report of establisment for cost center group that is prepared by BNCTL staff.
  • Inventory
    List of business goods and items before loan(inventory).
  • BOQ
    List of purchasing goods and items (utilization plan).
  • Asset and Cast Flow Report
    List of asset and cast flow.
  • Field Observation Report
    Report of field obvservation regarding to the business group location and address that is prepared by BNCTL staff.

Brochure of Credit

For more Information about Brochure of Credit Click Here.