"This service will be offered to Cooperative institution, Associations, NGOs, and other Groups that are registered with proof of certificate"


  1. 1 colour copy of current passport size photo (3x4) can be taken directly at the Bank.
  2. Copy of valid Electoral Card/Identity Card (BI)/Passport (Minimum copies of 2 identity card)
  3. Work Visa/Residential Visa/Special Stay Visa (Applicable for Non-Residence/Foreigners)
  4. Evidence of Certificate/Deed of Registry (from the Notary – Ministry of Justice)
  5. Statute (Certified by the Notary – Ministry of Justice)
  6. Authorisation letter from the Director and/or the responsible staff for account opening, with official company’s signature (if available)
  7. Authorisation Letter for Bank Account Transactions (if available)
  8. Company’s Location Map
  9. Structure




  1. Cheque account available for both individuals and non-for-profit groups
  2. Cheque facility available
  3. Initial deposit for account opening, minimum $100.00
  4. Minimum balance amount within the account should be $100.00
  5. Fee for issuing 25 pages of cheque $15.00
  6. Interest fees 0.25% per annum within a daily minimum balance of $50,000.00