"Deposits is designated to Veterans who have received recognition or distinction as the Heroes of the National Liberation based on the applicable Law and are eligible for the monthly pension payment"

General Provisions

  1. a. Minimum quantity to open an account $ 10.00
  2. b. Minimum account balance $ 10.00
  3. c. Monthly maintenance cost $ 0.50
  4. d. Account closing cost $5.00
  5. e. Minimum balance to be eligible for interest >$ 50.00 
  6. f. Points a, b, c, d, and e, might change at any time base on Bank’s precarious
  7. g. Interest will be competitive (depend on Bank’s precarious that us updated regularly)


  • Submit 1 color photo sized 3x4 or can be taken at the Bank
  • Copy of letter or any documents related to Veteran’s identity
  • A copy of electoral card/BI/Passport and present original copy
  • Fill-in the account opening form and signature form at relevant BNCTL unit