“This service will be offered to public servants and private sector staff who are at the retirement age or who are still actively working but are thinking and wanting to prepare resources for their non-active time and when they retired"


  1. 1 colour copy of current passport size photo (3x4) or can be taken directly at the Bank.
  2. Copy of valid Electoral Card/Identity Card (BI)/Passport (Minimum copies of 2 identity card)




  1. Initial deposit amount $10.00 (including account booklet).
  2. Fee for ATM card issuance $4.00.
  3. Maximum age for account opening ≥25 years old.
  4. Interest rate 1.5% per annum and will be paid monthly based on the daily account balanceInterest applicable to Minimum balance $≥50.00.
  5. Pensioner deposit is an individual saving account for Timorese who are still active or have retired with the age ≥50.
  6. There is allowed flexibility for withdrawal.