“This service will be offered to commercial companies, consortium and companies of individuals (Enin)”


  1. 1 colour copy of current passport size photo (3x4) or can be taken directly at the Bank.
  2. Copy of valid Electoral Card/Identity Card (BI)/Passport (Minimum copies of 2 identity card)
  3. Work Visa/Residential Visa/Special Stay Visa (Applicable for Non-Residence/Foreigners)
  4. Debt Certificate
  5. Business Registration Certificate (Certified by SERVE)
  6. Economic Activity Authorisation (Certified by SERVE)
  7. Statute (Certified by SERVE)
  8. Simple written declaration from shareholder or those with corresponding voting right with minimum contribution of 5% social capital and collective body manager (if available)
  9. Authorisation for Foreign Investment or Investor Certificate (if available)
  10. Company Location Map
  11. Company Structure
  12. Official Letter for Account Transaction from Company Director, in case of Authorising Company Staff to access Company’s Account – Officially Authenticated (If Available)