"this credit service aimed at attending the needs of the veterans who are entitled to the veteran pension"



1. support and empower the economic needs of the veterans and their families.


1. Veteran who are entitled to the pension from the Timor-Leste government

2. Veterans who have no obligation


  • Credit Form (BNCTL will prepare)
  • Color photo can be taken at the Bank
  • Copy of electoral card for applicant and spause (if married)
  • Copy of applicant’s Bank Account details
  • Copy of the record and the database form for the pension
  • Statement from another heir (applicable for multiheir)
  • Statement Letter from the Tribute Commission
  • Cash Flow Projection (BNCTL will prepare)
  • Guarantee: veteran pension



  • Maximum credit amount is USD 25,000.00
  • Consummative Objetive
  • Maximum duration is 5 (five) years
  • Reimbursement of credit’s principal amount and interest is to be done monthly
  • Guarantee: veteran pension
  • Interest 6% per annum
  • Administrative fee 2% from the credit limit
  • Processing fee USD 10.00- 25.00
  • Sanction 12% per annum


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