"Buka’e Loan at BNCTL is a form of loan aimed at ‘attending the clients needs, particularly those who urgently needs money but do not have sufficient balance amount with BNCTL to fulfill their need"

  Loan Amount

Maximum USD 20,000.00

  Loan Terms

Maximum of 24 months/two years

  Interest Rate

7.50% Per Annum

  Payment Plan

Monthly Payment


To finance the client’s urgent need in the short term

Personal Criteria

  •                                                                           • Employee with a permanent contract or with a minimum of 6 (six) months contract, subject to renewal

Terms and Condition

  •                                                                          • Loan amount: A maximum of USD 20,000.00
  •                                                                          • Duration/maturity period: A maximum of 24 months/two years
  •                                                                          • Refund: Principal and loan interest monthly
  •                                                                          • Type: Non-revolving
  •                                                                          • Guarantee: Applicant’s salary and credit security
  •                                                                          • Interest rate: 7.50% p.a
  •                                                                          • Administrative costs: 1% of the credit limit
  •                                                                          • Processing costs: 1% of the credit limit
  •                                                                          • Penalty: 12% p.a



                                                                        • Loan/credit form (BNCTL will prepare)

                                                                        • Color photo to be taken at the Bank

                                                                        • Copies of identity card: electoral card of the applicant and their spouse (if the applicant is married)

                                                                        • Copy of Bank Account details and the IBAN number (BNCTL will prepare)

                                                                        • Employment contract from an employer

                                                                        • Cash Flow projection (BNCTL will prepare)

                                                                        • Guarantee: Applicant’s salary and credit security



Brochure of Buka'e Loan Click here

Form of Buka'e Loan click here