"BNCTL offers  financial support to public servant, employees of NGO, agencies and private and public enterprises that require financing to build, repair houses, purchase vehicle, furniture, cover health treatment and education expenses and other consumptive needs"

  Loan Amount

Depend on the applicant salary and loan maturity.

  Loan Term

Maximum 5 years.

  Interest Rate

12% per annual (flat rate).

  Payment Plan

Monthly payment.


Flexibility loan amount and maturity with the "rule of thumbs" repayment (principal and interest) must not greater than 50% of take home pay.
Unlimited loan amount and 24 hours customer services for urgent request and may apply new loan if already pay off 50% of previous loan.

Personal Criteria

  • Demonstrate good personal character, honesty and accountable.
  • Have permanent contract and issued by institution or employee.

Term and Conditions

Loan Amount
According to the applicant salary and loan maturiy
Loan Term
Maximum 5 years (60 months)
Interest Rate
12% per year (effective rate based on the outstanding loan balance)
Penalyt for late payment 12% per year (1% per month of principal loan).
Guaranteed Loan
The loan is guaranteed against salary and / or other properties.
Payment Term
Monthly installment (principal and interest).
Other Fees
Administrative fee and other cost according to the BNCTL price list. Require additional guarantee if loan amount is greater than US$10,000.00

Document Requirements

  • Submit loan proposal address to BNCTL, including the loan amount required and utilization plan.
  • Permanent or contractually.
  • 1 Passport size color photo
  • 1 copy of valid ID card of applicant and guarantor.
  • 1 copy of electoral ID of applicant and spouse as applicable.
  • 1 copy of electoral ID of guarantor.
  • Fill out BNCTL loan application.
  • Declaration Letter from Guarantor.
  • Letter recommendation from employer.
  • Submit transfer form for new client.
  • Declaration of salary or asset ownership of applicant spouse as applicable.
  • List of properties and cash flow.


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