"the pensioner credit is a credit specifically granted to retired public servants/private sector staff with monetary pension right from any public or private entities and non-government organisation whose pension is transferred to and received at a dedicated account at BNCTL"


  1. Complete credit form
  2. One color copy of passport size photo (3x4)
  3. Copy of electoral card from the applicant and spause (if married)
  4. Copy of retire certificate or retire documents from the relevant entity
  5. A recommendation letter or evidence of eligibility to pension from the place of work and INSS
  6. Pension should be transferred and paid through the pensioner’s account at BNCTL.



  1. Maximum credit amount is USD 25,000.00
  2. Consummative Objetive
  3. Maximum duration is 5 (five) years
  4. Reimbursement of credit’s principal amount and interest is to be done monthly
  5. Guarantee: veteran pension
  6. Interest 6% per annum
  7. Administrative fee 2% from the credit limit
  8. Processing fee USD 10.00- 25.00
  9. Sanction 12% per annum


Form for Pensioner loan click here