"Credit that offers for rural and urban poors, especially for women who are already members of a financial groups conducting productive activities"

This group of woman consist of 4 - 8 members and each member is required to have a saving in BNCTL as mandatory.

  Loan Amount

Maximum credit $2,000.00.

  Loan Term

24 weeks or 6 months.

  Interest Rate

10% per annual and fixed rate.

  Payment Plan

Weekly loan payment


The loan is to fund the woman in rural areas that has business capacity and productivity.

Personal Criteria

  • Demonstrate good personal character, honesty and accountable.
  • Having business experience.
  • Have a productive business.
  • Always present in the woman group center (weekly)..
  • Agree to have joint liability

Terms and Conditions

Loan Amount
Maximum $2,000.00.
Loan Term
Maximum 24 weeks or 6 months..
Interest Rate
10% per annual (fixed rate).
Late payment interest 12% per annual (1% per month of total loan amount).
Any valuable asset or sufficient income.
Payment plan
Weekly loan payment plan.
Other cost
Administration fee and other costs tax are applicable under BNCTL regulations.


  • 1 copy of color passport size photo (3x4)
  • Electoral copy for the applicant and spause (for married person)
  • Copy of applicant’s Bank Account
  • Meeting report before conducting mandatory training for members (applicable for new client)
  • Test report for group (applicable for new client)
  • Group establishment report
  • Group member interview report
  • List of available business assets
  • List of assets to be procured or purchased with the credit
  • Present additional guarantee

"common solution to complete family’s needs”

 Brochure of Credit Click Here.