Access to Banking Service

  • Network of branches and BNCTL units in all municipalities
  • Digital Banking Channels (ATMs, POS, e-wallet; internet, SMS, & mobile banking)
  • Expand agent banking network
  • Mobile vehicle banking - drive to reach people in remote locations
  • Application of existing and emerging banking technologies

Affordable Banking

  • Economy of scale (high volume) through growth – growth in deposit mobilization, credits, customers, products, and services
  • Low service charges and competitive products
  • Multiple streams of revenue (beyond deposits and loans)
  • Efficient operations
  • Use of technology - automation and robotic processing
  • Competent staff driving process innovation and efficiency
  • Partnership with the Government of Timor-Leste

Service Excellence

  • Service excellence with personal care and attention
  • Caring, responsive and proactive to customers' changing needs
  • Products that meet the needs of customers
  • Competent, engaged, and dedicated staff providing quality service.
  • Seek customer feedback and listen to our customers


  • Counter cyclical loans to farmers, loans to groups and small businesses
  • Financial literacy training
  • Support with document preparations for loans
  • Design products with simple processes to support vulnerable population
  • Efficient and timely processing of government payments, and subsidies
  • Partnership with Government for guarantee schemes to make funds available for the most vulnerable

Economic Development of Timor Leste

  • Inject capital service and capital investment at competitive price
  • Dynamic, catalytic, and proactive involvement in the national development process stimulating productivity through private sector
  • Develop financial products to support Government's development plan
  • Provide funding for quality businesses to promote productive private sector
  • Bring about integrated solutions on its financial supports (producer, buyers, value added, value chain and exporting).